Information Systems Management Essay

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1. Explain Porter’s Five Forces Model and how Bill can use it to analyze his current business and his expansion. Be sure to address each of the 5 forces and explain to Bill what they mean for his business.

Sassy shoes needs to stay competitive and profitable in the shoe industries. In order to do this they will need to analyze the business environment to determine the strategies they will need to implement. To do this they will use Porter’s Five Forces Model.

• Threat of Substitute of Products or Services – This helps us to see what threats could exist with other shoe stores in the area would have over the two stores when they merge together. We need to look to see if they have an existing loyalty to major brands that we don’t
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a. Enterprise Resource Planning – In order for the company to be cohesive he needs to integrate all systems into one new system, so the company can manage all aspects. This will allow information from both companies such as sales, inventory, financials, etc to speak to each other. Bill will be able to use this information to make sound business decisions for his company’s future growth.

b. Point of Sale – This will help in the day-to-day operation of the business by allow Bill to move to electric record keeping. Sassy shoe was already using this type of system, but now he will merge Unique shoes from paper record keeping into Sassy shoes electric system. The electronic system will help sales clerk’s process orders; make payments faster with better accuracy, and keep track of employee sales.

c. Inventory Control System – Automating system of sales allows inventory to be automated by shows every shoe that is sold. It will also show what inventory is left immediately after the sale. If a customers is looking for a shoe that is not on the shelf a sales clerks will be able to look to see if there are any left in the store or if they are on order. Inventory will be able to be ordered with more accuracy

5. Explain how each IT project listed above specifically improves and/or supports the business.

a. A Point of Sale System will help sale clerk’s work with customer’s purchases in store
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