Insomnia Research Paper Outline

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Kimberlee Collins

Insomnia is a poor-quality sleep disorder that can be caused by numerous reasons, most commonly from stress, medications, events in your daily life, or bad habits.

The most common cause of insomnia is usually stress, however, it can also be caused by life events, medications, and bad habits such as drinking caffeine before sleep or taking naps during the day.

Symptoms: Symptoms for insomnia include wakefulness throughout most of the night, feeling as if you haven’t gotten any sleep, waking up way too early, sleeping for very short amounts of time, or difficulty paying attention during the day or normal activities. If you cannot get it to stop, a sleep study is recommended.

Prevention: There are quite a few ways to prevent
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Avoiding drinking caffeine, energy drinks, or alcohol.
Staying active during the whole day.
Avoiding nicotine.
Making your bedroom or where you sleep comfortable and keeping it that way.
Keeping your sleep and waking times consistent.
Or creating a relaxing ritual such as reading, taking a hot bath, or drawing before bed.

Statistics/Facts: -Insomnia is more common the older you are for the reasons that with age, you change sleep patterns, health patterns, and sometimes take more medications. -If you are female, the risk of obtaining insomnia is greater. Especially if you’re over sixty, have a mental condition, or are under quite a load of stress. -Insomnia causes lower performance along with slowed reactions, mental disorders, and even risk of long-term diseases. -Insomnia is not defined by hours of sleep because everyone is different, so it does not matter. -Insomnia happens to be the most common sleep complaint in the U.S..

Remedies/Medications: Sedative-Hypnotic Medicine: A medicine that reduces tension and anxiety. Benzodiazepines: Any kind of organic compound used as a tranquilizer. Non-Benzodiazepines: Drugs that induce
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