Management Approach For Managing An Organization

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Managing an organization comes in a variety of methods, but effective management is determining the best method of management for the company. There is not one management style that is the best as there are multiple variables to considering when deciding how to best manage the company. The style of management can also change to best fit the need of the company. In this paper, I will be examine the management approach my organizations takes, comparing and contrasting it to one of the historical approach. Additionally, I will analyze this approach to determine how effective the management style is. The approach my organization takes to management is a hierarchical approach where the chain of command starts at the top and filters down. The lower down the chain of command goes the less power and decision making a person has. There are also more employees in the non-decision making positions vs. the executive decision making positions. For example, at the top there is one person who oversees the company known as the president. Below the president are two upper management positions. From these two positions, the company is split in half. One upper management oversees and manages the external components of the business. The other upper management oversees and manages the internal components of the business. Within each of the internal and external aspects of the company, there are departments based on the functions of the company. This is also known as a functional structure
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