Marketing Analysis : Marketing Products

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Marketing products is a important phase in supply chain, this requires proper management from the marketing managers, handling of this phase by professional will enable the organization to achieve its targets in terms of sales. In the fast developing world, people have become creative across the globe and development of products and services is growing at a very fast rate this has complicated the work of marketing managers and it has become a very demanding work, this is because of cross-cultures and ethical consideration. Advanced tariffs have and better laws in many countries has opened market for competition and it has also changed the consumers taste and preferences because a consumer can easily access a foreign product that is better than a local product at a cheap price. Due to rapid development in United States, the country has become a force to beat in the global market, it has managed to maintain first position in both imports and exports of products and services (Hughes, 2010). iPhone is one of the products produced in U.S which has been adopted by many locals and in many foreign countries. This paper will discuss the marketing management strategies that are applied by iPhone that has enable it adopted locally and in many foreign countries.
Utilities of consumer value are sometimes called business marketing utilities, this are the elements required for the exchange of a product to take place between the manufacture and the consumers. According to
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