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bstract: This report critically analyses how the external and internal factors affect the strategies of M&S and modifies its business strategies. Even though M&S has good strategy and marketing plans they haven’t used it to their advantage. It also tells how the macro and micro environment affect their strategy and their plan. The report uses frame works like PESTEL, SWOT and porter 5 forces. It further investigates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of M&S. This report highlights on M&S planning, organising, and taking decisions. It further incorporates the history, business operation, and the treats and opportunities faced by the company. It also provides an alternative solution and offers recommendation which might…show more content…
Weakness: It is heavily reliant on British suppliers where as its competitors use foreign suppliers for low cost products. They have an old and classical fashion image, advertising is poor as they do not offer discount sales during festivals like Christmas and Easter, this Is the time when the customers buy a lot of goods. No customer focus Technology is poor as they cannot provide reading of their inventory No knowledge about the market for the younger generation. Poor customer service as they do not provide fitting rooms and loyalty cards. Opportunities: M&S has to enter the e-business effectively as their competitors Expansion in growing product areas such as Food, Home and Beauty as they have customers trust for their quality and innovation The Home business, areas like home furnishings and gifts are fastest growing product areas and beauty products are growing rapidly. Both of these areas offer promising opportunities for the company to develop and expand Focus on cloths market segment by age group and introduce clothing line for kids and teenagers. Threats: Since M&S operate in
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