Media 's Impact On Media

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In the subject of communication, culture and media, there have a range of perspectives that come from audience studies. The approaches state that the audiences, sometime, as the spectators, will make a particularly important impact on media, especially on new media. As following the technological development of the world, we barely are able to ignore the aspect of media, it does not matter that it is traditional media, or other optional the media like digital media, or even slightly controversial media like new media, and certainly, another expression of media that come out, whatever it is, the public will definitely choose one of them as vehicle so that they can make a connection with the media, and then know anything whatever they want, namely media has been becoming a range of natural way to affect every single one asking for some essential, obscured, or even unconcerned information. In audience research, the audience researcher are about to call the public audience. However, as what I have already mentioned before, all kinds of vehicle come out to let individuals opt one of them, or maybe all of them in the world. Due to the different scenario of media, not only the media audience, but also the type of media is completely different about what we think of media as usual, as such the analysis of media that includes proposal, expression, and commercial and so on has already changed as well. Thus, as we do live different world more than we do in 30 years ago, we, which
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