My Options for the Sports Brand Sponsors

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Marketing Sponsor
Sponsors support organizations or events financially, and in return, they ask the organizations to advertise their logo. It is up to the organization to find different ways, through which they can advertise the brand. The sports franchise I work for, wants me to find sponsors and the way those sponsors should advertise. Following is the information related to the current brand, which is sponsoring the company and three more brands which I have found for the franchise and the ways in which their logos are going to be advertised.

Current Sponsors and how they are used
The current sponsors, which the sports franchise has is Sky Sports; Sky Sports is a famous sports channel, where matches of different sports are shown. The current way in which the logo of Sky Sports is being displayed is through T-shirts. Every athlete wears a shirt, on which the logo of Sky Sports is printed. As sports events are shown on national or international television, the logos are seen by everyone, who watches the sports event. Moreover, when athletes are called for interviews, they usually wear their sports jerseys, on which the logo of Star Sports is displayed, giving more exposure to the brand.
First Sponsor
The first brand which I would approach to sponsor the sports franchise is XBOX; XBOX has captured the attention of a vast audience, as it is fun for the children and the young. The way through which the sponsor logo of XBOX would be used is through an application of XBOX, on

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