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Marketing Plan Oliberté International Marketing MIB Front - Team 4 I. Executive Summary II. Concept Statement A. Company Background and Mission B. Products and Services C. Business Model: Sustainability and Uniqueness D. Strategic Intention E. Marketing F. Risk Analysis G. Differentiation H. Evaluation: Factor of success III. Situation Analysis A. Industry Analysis 1. Industry overview 2. Porter five forces 3. Market size 4. Position in the market life cycle 5. Available distribution structure, plus attitudes and practices 6. PESTEL 7. Risk Analysis B. Firm Analysis 1. Brief history of the company and stage of internationalization 2. SWOT Analysis 3. Stakeholder Analysis 4. Product Development and Product Extension 5. Pricing and…show more content…
Sales and Channel Strategy E. Technology Strategy F. Market Entry/Expansion Strategy H. Risk Analysis VI. Go-to-Market Action Plan A. Specific Actions to be taken for the 5 P's/marketing mix 1. Pricing 2. Packaging 3. Promotion/Advertising/Public Relations/Sales Management 4. Place: Sales & Distribution Channels 5. R&D 6. Customer/Technical Service 7. Marketing Research B. Financial 1. Financial Assumptions and Sales Forecasts 2. Budgets 3. Pro Forma Statement C. Monitoring and Controls 1. Staffing Schedule 2. Measurement and Performance Evaluation D. Future Prospects. VII. Group Evaluation VIII. Bibliography 3 Marketing Plan Oliberté International Marketing MIB Front - Team 4 I. Executive Summary Oliberté is a Canadian shoe company that was founded in 2009 and which manufactures shoes in Africa to support local Africans by providing job opportunities so as to radically change their lives. Oliberté has a unique business model that greatly supports social and environmental well being of local African communities. Oliberté’s products are made from 100% natural raw materials and, to a large extend, processed by hand work. Their quality products are mainly distributed online and through general shoe stores,such as Urban Outfitters, American Rag and Aldo, etc. Price ranges from $130 to $180. Oliberté uses their online platform to attract new customers all over the world. By differentiating their marketing, Oliberté has been able to link

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