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Identify a technological opportunity that you propose to assess. For each of the following criteria, discuss how your proposed idea stacks up.

Technological Opportunity: (hereafter referred to as CM) will provide an easy to use and navigate user interface that will allow users to place online order at any of the participating restaurants within the given area. The website will also allow users to place order for weekly or weekend lunches and dinner choosing from the available cuisine types. Every order placed at CM will earn user points that can be redeemed for gift vouchers from the participating restaurants. The workflow diagram for site navigation is described below:

Click MEALS Order food online
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End product

This system could also be sold as a product to any restaurant. The product would provide a user friendly interface for menu, nutritional info and online ordering that can be incorporated in any webpage

1.3 Value added

a. Time Saved

The biggest advantage is time saved. For people who order frequently from the same place, they have the option of just repeating their order. Foreseeing busy days ahead one can pre order on the restaurant website so that they have fresh food waiting when they arrive home

b. Wider Options

You have wider and new options to research food. Online nutritional information allows sticking to special dietary needs like renal and weight watchers.

c. Small businesses

It provide a bigger reach to mom and pop type restaurants who couldn 't invest in an online system. House wives and stay at home mom or anyone who loves to cook and is looking for extra income on the side can advertise on this site.

1.4 Product life

The system could be sold as both as a product and a service. Restaurants could use this product incorporated in their website and customized to their requirements or they can be a part of a larger system where they would receive orders via the website.

1.5 Size

For the initial month:

a. We are targeting 15 restaurants from the Naperville, Lisle, Wheaton, Bolingbrook,

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