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) Personal Statement
Personal professional development is important process these days because it enables people to become more aware of their own skills, knowledge and behaviors . This in turn is necessary for the self-improvement which is crucial to people in order to for example getting promoted at work as the market becomes more competitive . Back in College, during my HND in Business Course one of the subjects was Personal Development. Now I know that without this experience I would not be able to focus and develop myself in the right direction. In order to find the right path the very first thing of the process, according to Miles, should be setting a clear goal . My goal was to pass Graded Unit achieving at least B grade. I used
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This wider spectrum of SKB 's enabled me to identify the most important ones desired in the consultancy field. One of the skills I have obtained during my higher education is analytical skill. This is crucial skill in order to become successful in consultancy . Without good analysis of the business no further steps like creative thinking can be started . I have attempted many tasks during the seminars where I had to understand different businesses in terms of strategy, culture, and ethic; identify problems and deciding what aspects are more important to the business or just identifying new opportunities for the organizations. Diversity of the tasks gave me an idea and has taught me how to approach the analysis of the businesses.
Another important aspect of the consultancy advisor is knowledge of the industry as well as experience in the field . Studying business for about four years gave me the opportunity to obtain broad knowledge in business management. I am confident with what I have learned among all those years at the University. The fact that I have past all the assessments by the first attempt is a proof for that. The experience I have on the other hand is not that broad compering to the knowledge. I have never worked as a manager however; I have insight as an employee on how company is operating in customer focused business. I can observe and draw conclusions from the actions taken by
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