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The negotiation has two roles: Kim Taylor as the buyer for WCHI (Independent television station in Chicago) and Terry Schiller as a syndicated sales representative for Hollyville, Inc. an international multimedia corporation that specializes in producing television shows and motion pictures. On this negotiation I played the role of Kim Taylor. The company had request for the best deal possible, but is important to preserve the relationship with Hollyville as new shows for future programming years become available. For the negotiation I created a worksheet, with the multiple combinations to calculate the net value of the options. During the negotiation my counter party used a spreadsheet too, what really facilitated the…show more content…
Question to look the motivations on buying or selling can create good insights on the reasons behind the other party. Is always essential to determine interests, which can come down to putting one's self in the other party's shoes. Questions seeking solution are a way to build trust and establish commitment to the negotiated agreement. This type of question allow you to show interest in what the other side(s) want, as well as provides them the opportunity to point out the problems they may have with your proposal. The exchange of information is vital to succeeding in any negotiation. The quote, "knowledge is power", applies directly to attaining a win-win negotiated agreement. It helps to avoid thinking about a negotiation as a game or war between sides. This type of thinking will naturally discourage you from wanting to truthfully share information. Willingly exchanging information with an "opponent" or "enemy" is seen as a bad idea in war and most games. A good negotiator should approach a negotiation as if they are dealing with their "fraternal twin". A negotiator should expect to share information that he/she would expect the other side to share. By sharing information, a negotiator can build trust between all parties, and create an atmosphere where the other parties feel comfortable

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