Social And Emotional Intelligence Quotient

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Social and emotional intelligence refers to the quotient of competency one possesses in the areas of self-awareness and social awareness. With the ability to be crafted throughout the course of one’s life, SEI is a learned skill or cognitive skill. Thus, one can alter his/her social and emotional intelligence quotient (SEIQ), making it subject to either improvement or decline. SEI is divided into two separate categories of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal. The Intrapersonal category relates to one’s capacity to manage his/her own feelings and emotions. The interpersonal side refers to the discernment of the emotions and feelings of others. Social and Emotional Intelligence (SEI) is vital to one’s ability to understand, lead, and manage…show more content…
Given the traits this quadrant was comprised of, I fully anticipated scoring highly in Other Awareness. On the other hand, I was slightly surprised that Self Management proved to be my weakest quadrant. However, I am by no means confused by this when I consider which traits brought that overall score down. That said, I do agree with my overall quadrant scores and can definitely see these score as an apt reflection of my personal strengths and weaknesses in these areas. Within the 26 individual trait scores, I gained a great deal of insight into what areas I excel in and what areas I should focus on improving. My highest scored traits were Empathy (15), Situational Awareness (14), Service Orientation (14), and Emotional Self-Awareness (14). Empathy is defined as the ability to sense the feelings and perspectives of other, whilst taking an active interest in their concerns (Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence, 2015). This is an area that I know myself to be extremely strong in and thus figured on it being one of my highest scoring traits. The ability to be empathetic towards others comes very naturally to me, so much so that I have a tendency to overexert and exhaust myself frequently. Wanting to help, support, and understand others emotionally is an integral part of my personality and I very rarely experience difficulty in understanding someone on an emotional level. However, I sometimes go into emotional
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