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Social media sites present a platform through which people are able to build connections based on shared interests. The internet is used to generally reach out to people in one’s social network and easily communicate. There are a number of social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, Flicker and many others. Most of them are open to individuals from any part of the world such that they are allowed to connect seamlessly.
Depending on one’s interests, the social media sites are available for each and every class of people. LinkedIn for example is only useful for professionals who are keen to build their career profiles by accessing job openings or obtaining career advice. Twitter is for people who like to have …show more content…

The founder initially thought of a way college students would connect with each other informally. Slowly, it gained prominence on the rest of the people beyond college. It is currently open to anyone. Overtime, Facebook has grown to host other functionalities such as a platform where people can play games, send virtual gifts to one another, share photos and join groups. All this can be considered as promoting the social agenda. In this regards, people are able to strengthen social bonds between one another.
Billions of people around the globe make use of Facebook to make connections and share information. On a personal level, Facebook allows its users to pass communication to friends and family members and receive the same from them. It is therefore an exchange platform. On a professional level, Facebook can be used to broaden one’s knowledge in a particular field and building their professional network though this is rather on a secondary level. Beyond the general subscription into becoming a member, members are allowed to form small subgroups with particular people who they share common interests. These can be business interests, education, sports or home groups where to qualify for the group, one simply needs to root from the particular location.
On a non-personal level, businesses too are able to elevate their brands by communicating their product offering and actually communicate in real time

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