Social Networking And Its Effect On Society

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In modern times, technological advancement has greatly improved the social benefits within society. A vastly growing percentage of young people across America are growing more proficient in using the internet for communication across their country to international regions. In the year 2009, a national survey was conducted for individuals between the ages of eight to eighteen years, where the average time adolescents spent on any form of social media was more than 7.5 hours of a day. Once the average time of multitasking was calculated, such as listening to music and web surfing, the overall average time amounted to 10 hours and 45 minutes. (Brown & Bobkowski 2011)
Social networking is defined as the electronic community of individuals connected through various social websites and networks, where they develop online relations according to similar interests, activities and social groups. The primary area of research for this study topic is focused on social networking and the effects it has had on the communication interactions of the adolescents of American society. The relevance in regards to this research study is to identify, clarify and understand the general functions of social media, the manner in which they are used, and connect those functions to the evolution of human interaction among the developing adolescent society. Social networking has affected the behaviour and communication skills of the American society by altering the communicative language competency,
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