The Affect of too much Advertising

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If you think excessive advertising is harmless and affects no one, sadly, you are absolutely wrong. Advertising has many problems and negative effects on people and you are right to be annoyed by the waves of ads you are attacked by everyday. The problem I chose to explain is advertising targeting teens & tweens, this affects people by draining them of money, priorities, and even their social obligations. However, you can solve this problem by educating yourself and being aware of all of the marketing techniques and ads that you, not just kids, are deluged with daily. One of the many media-related problems is the teen/tween market. The problem here is that marketers and, to a lesser extent, consumers are becoming obsessed with it. This is problematic because everyone is losing money for the wrong reasons. Billions of dollars are being spent to tell teens that their product is cool and to spend billions of their own and their parents money to buy those products. And it’s working. Marketers are exploiting teens’ developing, self-identifying stage in their life to take their money. For example, according to the informational text: “Just the Facts About Advertising and Marketing to Children” by Betsy Taylor, a typical child sees about 55 or more ads daily. Also, $13,000,000,000 of the $230,000,000,000 being spent to advertise, are used specifically for advertising food and drink to teens and tweens. This demonstrates the problem because advertisers are putting a plethora of

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