The Conceptual Rationale Was Appropriate For The Study Essay

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Given the statement of the problem, the conceptual rationale was appropriate for the study.
Researchers use particular methodologies to guide the study, collect samples, determine a study population, and describe interventions. The method of a research study should include protection of participants’ rights, research design, population and sample, data collection and measurement, and procedures. Researchers should state how they protect human subjects’ rights when they collect data. Research design should also be explained in details to demonstrate the purpose of a study and whether or not the design is the strongest alternative to use. Researchers should show the evidence of informed consents and an approval by an institutional review board (IRB) if human subjects are involved in a study. A target population and samples should be also included in methodologies. If power analyses are used, researchers should explain the results of the statistics and whether or not it is significant. Internal and external validity should be also evaluated to minimize biases. Potential threats to internal validity include temporal ambiguity, selection, history, maturation, mortality/attrition, and testing and instrumentation. In addition to the internal validity, the potential threats to external validity are composed of interaction between relationship and people and interaction between causal effects and treatment variation (Polit & Beck, 2012).
Protection of participants’ rights.

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