The Impact Of Internet On The Field Of Traffic Management

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Internet of things is the interconnection of embedded computing elements which can be uniquely identified and can be accessed from anywhere on this earth, anytime. The interconnection of these embedded devises is expected to bloom automation in almost all the fields. The future of internet aims at connecting all the physical things from bicycles to cars to planes, all of these things taking active participation in the exchange of information - about themselves and about their surroundings. Internet of things will give us access to all the information about a particular thing leading to different innovative services and increase the efficiency and productivity of the people and products. This paper studies the Internet of Things, the architecture of Internet of Things, the elements in Internet of Things and the related technologies, the applications, the current scenario and the future scope. Also, in details regarding the application of Internet of Things in the field of traffic management is reviewed in detail.
Today, we have cloud- the digital universe of information freely available to us. The current estimate of the amount of information is 4000 Exabyte in size . A good analogy is 4000 Exabyte is roughly equivalent to a stack of books from the earth to Pluto and back, 80 times. We only began to create that less than 20 years ago. Devices like cell phones, iPads allow us to access this information from anywhere on this earth, anytime.
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