The Importance Of Leadership By Reflecting On My Own Strengths And Weaknesses

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The qualities of leadership have…
To grow these qualities, it is important for individuals to possess awareness of their strengths and areas ready for further development. This essay will examine the nature of leadership by reflecting on my own strengths and weaknesses. A discussion of the key concepts of leadership and the role these concepts have in organisations will aim to provide insights into those leadership attributes that such organisations value. Consideration of my capacity to work with others by examining the roles that leaders and followers currently play in my life will also contribute to the reflection of my own areas ripe for potential development. To aid a consideration of my strengths, weaknesses and areas of potential development, the results of some key assessments and material will be examined. These include an extensive discussion of results from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment, and some related insights from the Five Factor or “Big Five” personality traits model as well as an Emotional Intelligence indicator. The output of these assessments, as they have been applied to me, will be evaluated against my own perception of self. Such reflections will also take into account workplace materials and feedback that may appear to contradict or offer an alternative insight into the assessment results. This essay will then consider some of the prominent ideas on leadership and their place in modern organisations.
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