The Importance Of School Uniforms

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A student gets pushed into a locker, the instigator takes the child’s shirt and pulls it. “Where did you get this shirt from, five below?” The other people surrounding the child laugh. Now that same child runs home to his mother crying in tears. The child proceeds to tell him about his day whimpering word after word. A mother struggling to pay for the house now feels obligated to buy her child more expensive clothes just because they were picked on. Well if students had a uniform the instigator would not be able to pick on anything because they are wearing the same clothes. Roughly twenty-nine percent of the United States population are lower class according to the graph in Marilyn Geewax article, The Tipping Point: Most Americans No Longer Are Middle Class. Many schools give children the privilege to wear what they want to school, although is this a bad idea? Children are picked on for there attire, others getting dress coded for explicit clothing, but the problems are redundant had the schools enforce a rule about uniforms. One may argue that with a uniform does not give the student the privilege to express oneself. Although that's not true. Many students who do have dress

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