The Lead Up For Current Business Level Strategy

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The Lead up to current Business-level Strategy Since the inception of the company, General Electric put great emphasis on innovation. Creating the first Industrial Research Laboratory of its kind in 1900, the company introduces copious amount of new products to the world ever since. This Lab allowed the company to generate new products that would facilitate the creation of future profitable ideas. The dedicated team of scientists and engineers could create new products and improve existing products such as the light bulb in order to differentiate them from other competitors in the market. This practice enabled the company to gain a distinctive competency in developing future products, in tern granting General Electric competitive …show more content…

In 1981 with the arrival of the new CEO, Jack Welsh, the new corporate strategy was implemented with emphasis on performance and efficiency. This move toward efficiency reduced innovation in the company, moving it away from its differentiation strategies. General Electric diversified itself by investing and acquiring a slew of companies that it recognized to be profitable. GE operated in more than eight different industries. The management sough to maintain a limited number of sectors that had great growth potential and performance. GE 's portfolio of business divisions involved Power & Water, Aviation, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Energy Management, Appliances & Lighting, Transportation, GE Capital, and others. The company wide policy was to implement six sigma quality control, digitization, and globalization. Jack Welsh also aimed to create and nurture the development of talent and leadership in the company.
Current Business-level Strategies With the arrival of New CEO, Jeff Immelt, in 2001 the company went through a reformation once more. Immelt intended to disband the conglomerate corporate strategy and instead concentrate on GE 's core competencies relating to advanced technologies and services in order to deliver superior “highly customized products to high growth markets” (Bucifal, 2009). This new strategy hearkened back to the companies original differentiation strategy, and emphasis

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