The New Manager Case Analysis Essay

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The New Manager Case Analysis Terry White recently applied for the customer service management position at his work that he did not receive. His team handles the largest number of customer service calls, he has a great rapport with his customers, and has great productivity numbers. On the surface, it appears that Terry would be the perfect candidate for the customer service management position at his work. However, it has been noted by his peers that he is difficult to work with, all but forces his employees to work overtime even in the case of family obligations and had a high turnover rate. Terry also never pursued his undergraduate degree which is a requirement for any management position at the company. Needless to say, Terry was not awarded the position. Kelly Smith also applied for the same customer service management position that Terry White applied for. Noted by company director Dan Jamison, Kelly has the management skills and customer service experience to do the job. Kelly is known to be easier to work with than Terry and she also has received her undergraduate degree. Based on this information, Kelly was awarded the customer service management position. Kelly now directly reports to Dan Jamison and is now in charge of managing 3 assistant managers; Terry, Mike and Jan. Mike and Jan are happy that Kelly has received the role and are relieved that Terry didn’t. Terry on the other hand is extremely upset and doesn’t attempt to hide it. Kelly is having

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