The Pros And Challenges Of Coca Cola

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Coca Cola is without a doubt one of largest leading beverage companies. What we fail to remember is that Coca Cola, like any other company had to start from the ground up. We, the public tend to look at the founder, CEO or President of the company to find out how they grew. How they became the Corporation that they are today. Yet we tend to bypass one of the strongest and most important elements to any company. It’s employees. After all, employees are the back bone to any and all successful businesses. Without employees, a company’s business models is incomplete. Yet, one of the challenges that all companies face, including Coca Cola. Is how to motivate individuals to not just love the brand, but also the job. Coca Cola has successfully been able to conquer both. Coca Cola motivates employees by creating careers not jobs , building effective teams, through a reward system, work diversity, , and staying ahead of the curve with social media. Coca colas goal is to create an enviroment where individuals can seek a career instead of a job. The difference between the two is immense. In a job a person solely seeks a paycheck to make ends meet. Yet, if an individuals work enviroment can motivate them to build a career. They are more likely to set long term goals within the company. This in turn makes that employee an asset. Coca Colas searches and shapes its employees starting with internships. Coca cola offers multiple internship opportunities. Through these internships,

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