The Steadfast Solar Company : An Emerging Solar Panel Importer Essay

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Introduction Steadfast Solar Company is an emerging solar panel importer in New Zealand. All the products are directly shipped from manufacturers in China and India to New Zealand then assembles and distributes throughout NZ retail branches with the help of one operating centre established in Singapore to manage all relations. The company’s work force is globally dispersed amidst diverse cultural norms and linguistic variations crossing three distant time zones, which in turn can barricade effective communication. Below context is discussed in view of overcoming these barriers with appropriate technological passage and skill enhancement. Barriers to Communication Anything that interferes a person’s understanding is a communication barrier. It can be either physical semantic or psychological. i. Physical, Semantic & Psychological Communication Barriers The immediate background, distance between communicators, personal impairments, technical failures or illnesses inevitably act as communication barriers. In addition, linguistic variation including accents, idioms, tones and usage of technical jargons can affect effective transmission of information. Moreover, our perceptions in others’ culture, religion, values and experience can restrict efficient communication. As well as, lack of feedback, emotions, defensiveness, power and conflicts also act as communication barriers. (Chase, O 'Rourke, Smith, Sutton, Timperley, & Wallace, 2003) ii. Communication Barriers in Steadfast

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