Types Of Meetings With Different Organisations

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A meeting is an assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussing. Types of meetings with naturally vary between different organisations. Workplace meetings are an important element of business management. Meetings enable you and your employees to communicate and share information, resolve disputes, or solve problems, improve performance, build teamwork, and move projects forward. Workplace meetings can be formal or informal, and the number of participants can range from two to several hundred, depending on the size of your company. Your suppliers, customers and business partners may also participate in workplace meetings if your company has a policy collaboration. There are various types of meetings. Meetings …show more content…

Primarily, prepare a checklist for the meeting. Plan the meeting together with the chairperson and all the attendees, including the type of meeting, it’s purpose, the budget available, the number of attendees, the venue, and other basic details. The main types of travel would be by car, the business person may be driving him or herself, or they may have a chauffeur, or another colleague may drive them. They may use a taxi, and then continue by train, coach, boat, or airplane. Their travel on the airplane, boat, or train may be business, or first class. It could include meals and drinks, or there could be extras that need to be paid by the passenger. Whereas sometimes the company automatically pays the expenses, or later when the expenses have been submitted, they are refunded. Depending on the status of the business person, and how rich the company I, he may be piloted by a private jet, or helicopter. In regards to accommodation, it can range from a bed and breakfast hotel, to luxury hotels and apartments. Food may be included, such as breakfast, or dinner, and if necessary lunch. Some hotels will provide lunches for business people if requested. Some businesses have their own accommodation, they may own corporate properties used for business people from their company that need an apartment or house for a few days. The procedures that should be followed are to make sure that the business person is based near to

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