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Describe the goals and objectives of your organisation Goals and objectives both describe things that an organisation aims to achieve or desired outcomes of work. However, they differ in terms of time frame, clarity and the effect they have. A goal is defined as being the purpose or result towards which an activity is directed and tends to be a long term aspiration. An objective is a defined similarly, but has a clear and measurable target, and contributes to achieving a goal, objectives are generally shorter term aspirations than goals. For example, a goal for my organisation is to become the biggest provider of residential visits in the UK, but a related objective is for the centre in increase the number of on centre beds from 430 by …show more content…

As a middle manager, I have a key role in facilitating the achievement of the objectives held by my organisation. In terms of managerial functions (Annex C), my ability to command and coordinate helps me to do this. As shown in Annex A, my role of “Assistant Centre Manager” fills a conduit position funnelling information from the Centre General Manager to the department heads who report to me for all day to day issues. The chart at Annex A shows my position within the centre, and the chart at Annex B shows where the centre is placed in the overall organisation. A large part of my role is managing the day to day operations of the activity centre, which is a very intense and time consuming part of the role. Often, the tasks I complete or am responsible for managing are far removed from the organisations goals and objectives. Linking some of these decisions to the objectives of the organisation can be quite challenging, for instance decisions that I make allocating individuals to training courses, where a number of individuals are equally eligible and suitable for the training, or when allocating and/or adjusting days off to ensure the working time directive is met. As a result, I may lose focus on the “bigger picture” of what I am my team are aiming to achieve. To lessen the impact of this, or prevent it from happening in the first place may be to incorporate weekly “Focus” meetings to ensure the team can take time each week as a group to relate what

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