Use of Integrated Marketing Communications in the Fast Food Industry

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Several facts are changing in today’s marketing communications. More companies adopt the new concept of integrated marketing communications (IMC) to convey a consistent message about their brand and products. Hence, IMC has played a powerful role and developed into a useful strategy for company to reach more customers and build good customer relationships. According to Herstein et al. (2008), IMC is one of a successful strategy that coordinates and integrates all of marketing communication tools to efficiently and economically influence between an organization and its existing and potential customers. Moreover, marketers can combine IMC tools (advertising, sale promotion, personal selling, direct marketing and public relations) rather than…show more content…
According to Adams (2005), many critics blame McDonald’s for public health issue in terms of its products and supersize menu options that can cause obesity and other diet- related problems. Furthermore, McDonald’s Happy Meals with toys and its TV advertising that also can contribute to children obesity (Adams, 2005; Morrison, 2010). The obese problem has negatively impacted McDonald’s brand image and food sales. As a result, McDonald’s tries to changes its marketing communication strategy to promote healthy concept (Boyle, 2004) about its food in order to reduce obese influence and negative brand image. Based on all of the above, following the literature review will contribute to IMC research in two important aspects. Firstly, it will explore how IMC tools are used to deliver clear brand messages, which relate how McDonald’s mix IMC tools to promote its products and brand image. Secondly, it will examine how IMC strategy influences customers’ perception of brand image, this might change consumers’ attitudes and brand loyalty. Therefore, this project will aim to focus on what IMC strategies are McDonald’s using to reduce the perception that its food creates obesity by promoting positive brand image to create loyal customers. 1.0 Initial Literature Review IMC is a comprehensive approach towards marketing. According to Nowak et al. (1998), IMC is a new concept to create consistency and synergy by connecting communication

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