What Are The Approaches And Approaches In Language Teaching

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Approaches and methods in language teaching

During this second unit we reviewed the most important approaches and methods in language teaching used nowadays. These methods are based in theories that view the language and the learning process differently, in consequence, they have different goals and uses depending what the teacher wants to accomplish.

Many years ago, languages were taught taking into consideration only the structural forms that integrate the language: grammar, vocabulary, isolated sounds and phrases, etc. and other important characteristics were ignored. The audiolingual and Total Physical Response methods are examples of these. Their principal characteristics are that they focused in pronunciation of the language, their goal is help the learners to accomplish a native accent. These methods see the learning process as something that must be taught
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It sees the language paying attention to explicit and measurable outcomes the learner is going to accomplish. Usually describe behaviors and offers can do statements. It is very student centered, because he is the one who is going to do certain activities.

This approach offers clears goals and objectives that once achieved can help the learners in real live situations. Its difference is that is standardized.

A teacher using the competency based approach must be an analyst of the circumstances of the learning process, be able to identify the students current level of knowledge, be able to communicate the objectives of the class, provide corrective feedback when needed and offer the class different activities according the learner needs and level of expertise.

The learner must become a self-monitor of their own advances, strategic communicator, be able to transfer the knowledge it possesses to real life situations and transform it to new situations and finally be able to perform what he has
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