What Is HRM Practise

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What is HRM practise?
HRM practise refers to term recruit, select, train, develop, motivate and retain staff and also help the organization survive and develop. Main HRM practices are recruitment and selection, motivation, training and development, reward, skill, employee relation etc.

Application of HRM practices in a work-related context Walliscoate Primary school
Walliscoate Primary school has the atmosphere of a village school, but with the benefits of being near the centre of town. The staff are extremely committed and work very hard to make sure that each child feels happy and safe. School want their time at Walliscoate School to be a positive, rewarding and fulfilling experience. Education is a three-way partnership between the parents, child and School. School is committed to achieving the highest standards in teaching and learning for all children and strongly believe that is our role to ensure that all children have the opportunity to reach their greatest potential whilst they are a member of this school community. This school has a truly inclusion environment. Due to a special educational need, an exciting job opportunity has …show more content…

HRM department of Walliscoate Primary school, takes following step to perform job analysis:
Job description: a job description is a broad, general, and written statement of the vacant post which describes the duties, responsibility, purposes of the job along with the job title.
Person specification: Person specification is a summary of the desirable person for vacant is the list of the skill and duties that the job consist.
Following was the Job description, person specification for the Walliscoate school vacant post. Learning Support Assistant: Walliscoate Primary

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