P1 Unit 2 Business Studies

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P1: Assignment 1

In this assignment I will draw up a number of key documents required for the recruitment of a Finance Manager position in order to establish the correct documentation required in the recruitment process, which will then be adopted for all employment opportunities in Elite Management. I will also include the description of the recruitment documentation used in Elite Management.

The position I have chosen to look into is that of the Finance Manager for Elite Management. In order to recruit the right people for the organisation, management needs to pay attention to the various stages of the recruitment process. Here I will discuss the four important documents used in the recruitment process. These are the Job Advert,
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The post holder will also analyse Elite Management ‘s financial information and advice relevant managers accordingly as well as advise budget holders on all aspects of financial procedures, budget preparation, budget monitoring and other adhoc duties where necessary. * Assisting with preparation of the budget; * Developing and ensuring that financial policies and procedures are followed; * Establishing and maintaining cash controls; * Establishing, maintaining and reconciling the business’s general ledger; * Monitor cash reserves and investments * Prepare and reconcile balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. * Processes supplier invoices * Issuing cheques for all accounts that are due; * Ensuring that all transactions are properly recorded and are entered onto the system

If you believe you are the candidate we are looking for, please complete the application form provided below and submit your application, CV and covering letter and send it to humanresources@elitemanagement.org.uk 2. Person specifications
The person specification describes skills that are required for the position being recruited. It is a profile of the candidate required for the work. It might contain the educational qualifications, previous experience, specialised skills, interests, personality and physical requirements. The person

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