What Makes A Brand?

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“A brand is a bundle of values and attributes that define the value you deliver to people through the entire customer experience, and the unique way of doing business that forms the basis of your company’s relationships.” Denise Yohn’s book, What Great Brands Do, provides a framework of seven branding principles that propose to set companies apart from the competition through what Yohn refers to as a ‘brand as business’ approach in which companies fully integrate brand throughout day to day operations and decision making. As Yohn explains, “brand is not what you say you are – it’s what you do.” A minority of businesses, roughly one-third in a recent survey, consider brand values when making decisions. These seven branding principles: great brands start inside, great brands avoid selling products, great brands ignore trends, great brands don’t chase customers, great brands sweat the small stuff, great brands commit and stay committed and great brands never have to give back, will be discussed in relation to Seaside Plumbing Inc.’s current and potential branding strategy. Seaside Plumbing Inc. (hereafter referred to as Seaside) is a plumbing and gas contractor serving the coastal areas of Maryland and Delaware. Seaside has been in business since 2003, evolving from two employees to nine employees over the last 12 years, the primary focus is not on being the largest plumbing company in the area, but the best. The majority of growth has been spurred by word of mouth

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