Where Does Stress Come From Essay

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It’s absolutely normal to feel powerless when you encounter stress, but to think that there’s nothing you can do about it is definitely not normal. You can avoid things from getting out of control by taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, lifestyle, and your ways of facing certain life situations. Where does stress come from? You often think that everything boils down to deadlines. If only the tick of the clock is much slower and if deadlines don’t exist, everything would be much easier. Sometimes you blame your failures to somebody or to a circumstance where in fact, the real problem is just the way you perceive stress. It’s best to identify where the stress is coming from in order for you to identify a way to defeat it. Take a closer look at people's most common perception. Stress is eternal. Stress is an integral part of themselves and abode. …show more content…

That also includes your meetings with your boss and some relationship issues. At times like these, it’s either you change the situation or change your reaction. Learn to stick to what you can only do at the moment. Stress occurs when you take in a lot of workloads and sacrifice your personal life in return. Your professional career might be important, but so does your personal life. So learn how to say “no” sometimes and allocate some of your time on things that make you happy. Avoid stress-causing people. If there’s someone in your life who has been the constant trigger of your stress, start avoiding that person from now on. Encourage environment control. If the news gives you headaches, turn off your TV. If you often encounter traffic on your commute to work, track the less-traveled route. You see? There are stressful things in life which you can successfully eliminate. 4. Change the Situation If you can't avoid the situation, change it! This might involve the way you communicate and face different situations in your

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