Why Does Communication with Employee Matter

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Why does communication with employees matter?
This factsheet looks at internal communication rather than external communication (for example, with customers, investors or other stakeholders). It may be helpful to read it in conjunction with our factsheet on ‘employee voice’ which covers the history of employee involvement, the mechanisms of two-way communications, and its potential benefits. Our factsheets on employee voice, engagement and branding are also relevant. * Go to our Employee voice factsheet * Go to our Employee engagement factsheet * Go to our Employer brand factsheet
Two-way communication involves management talking to employees, and listening to responses and …show more content…

In developing the shared sense of purpose there is a need to ensure mutual trust between the employer and employees.
Implicit in there being mutual trust is the process of sharing information. So good communication is not simply about passing information down; it is also about sharing information, trusting people to interpret that information, and listening to what people say (and then, if necessary, acting upon what has been said or explaining why no action has been taken).
Despite the need for communication to be high up the agenda in the organisation, successive Employee Outlook surveys from the CIPD have shown that only around one in ten employees feels fully informed about what is happening in their organisation. * Find out more about our Employee Outlook series
Roles and responsibilities in communication
To develop a culture where there is openness and trust requires the involvement of senior management. They should be responsible for the overall tone and direction of the communication strategy.
All managers have a central role in executing a communications strategy. This requires management to be: * equipped with effective people management skills that emphasise the importance of communication * trained in effective communication and listening skills * able to enter into a dialogue with

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