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Chemical and Bio-Process Control 4ed
Sensor Systems:
Consider flow sensor that reads 10,000 lb/h when the transmitter output is 7 mA and read 15,000 lb/h when the transmitter output is 12 mA. what are the zero and span of this flow sesor?

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Step 1

Zero is the lowest value of the range in the measuring instrument and span is the difference between the lowest and highest end of the range. The instrument is always calibrated within 0-100% but the calibration range is different for different instruments. For example, for output of flow sensor, the calibration range is 4-20 mA. Hence if we apply input of any flow rates, the output of ampere range comes in between 4-20 mA only.

Hence, two points (X1,Y1) and (X2,Y2) are given, we can easily calculate the equation of line as below. Here we are considering Y axis as output or Amperes and X axis as input or flow in lb/h. The two points are (10000,7) and (15000,12).

Step 2

Now, at 4mA and 20mA output values, the ...


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