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A bottle of carbonated water contains a liquid and vapor in equilibrium. The liquid contains 0.01mol% CO2 and the rest water when the bottle is left in a hot car (95°F). Calculate the pressure and composition (mole fractions) of the gas.


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Step 1

Let the ideal mixing of components in liquid and vapor phases, Raoult’s Law is used for the given question and its equation is written below.


xi is the mole fraction of component i in liquid phase.

yi is the mole fraction of component i in vapor phase.

Pi* is the vapor pressure of component i at the system temperature (T°C).

P is the total pressure of the system.

Step 2

The mole percent of CO2 in liquid phase is given as 0.01%. Therefore, the mole fraction of CO2 and water in liquid phase will be

Step 3

At 95°F (35°C), the vapor pressure of...


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