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4) Consider one-dimensional conduction in a plane composite wall.  The outer surfaces are exposed to a fluid at 25oC and a convection heat transfer coefficient of 1000 W/m2K.  The middle wall B experiences uniform heat generation  while there is no generation in walls A and C.  The temperatures at the interfaces are T1 = 261oC and T2 = 211oC.


  1. a) Assuming negligible contact resistance at the interfaces, determine the volumetric heat generation and the thermal conductivity kB.
  2. b) Plot the temperature distribution.
To h
Tg, h
LA=30 mm
Le 30 mm
L 20 mm
kA 25 W/m-K
kc 50 W/m K

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To h Tg, h 111 A C B トームュートー Le LA 2LB LA=30 mm Le 30 mm L 20 mm kA 25 W/m-K kc 50 W/m K


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Step 1

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() Let q's he the heat tronfe frce Awha rml aeross dlustivilty hrat canuetuo audl nt Jaw o ing 95 Wm ) 7,- as ka 4ivan La Bw 6-5 oolom & he lcoo 1+0-480 oOD 10 27 kWm2 foce C tramufou e eame ulk.ool fr hct across as above [ Given Le o -020m o-5 1 020 ooo 50 132-86W/w he oveat nery balanee oquation is Hat InHuat Out t at Gueahin Hut flewmndation a) Keat alem aud nene i sace no hat is consamed or accamul aled, tharfore thu terms ave Cataken asR abere egualion (1) oung in he CamScanner

Step 2

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Equalion (1 an be wriften a generation ere is at 1oh132.86 to0) 0o kWm I nat for 1-D hat tranfe the temperatare disbibain equation fo ane walt i as (2) dr2 Jit gaate quatin Ca) narngquaken final expressin upo site follaw C2) tce au Ttx)= AyPauctany cenditions 1. t tmperaliore T61c L TL-L)7 2 (-la)cltc So, ks -(4) Cs Scanned with CamScanner

Step 3

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uetary tmperalue 7, 20 So etilon 2 Tela T 21 (5) fourler, knoon that hat fux qualan, aesncng 7t as -(4) da On integeating oquataon c2) once -(a) dr ke From egustions (6) and () hat fux distributen caw be writtn as 2)ka ) 8) ko At heat fux 107-3km2-4o22km Lo-o 030 m ond Equation (8)an be oniten as -to) o(=t) C ke ) -107-73x -kn + csl Scanned with CamScanner


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