Steel Design (Activate Learning wi...

6th Edition
Segui + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337094740



Steel Design (Activate Learning wi...

6th Edition
Segui + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337094740
Textbook Problem

A tensile test was performed on a metal specimen having a circular cross section with a diameter of 1 2 inch. The gage length (the length over which the elongation is measured) is 2 inches. For a load 13.5 kips, the elongation was 4.66 × 10 3 inches. If the load is assumed to be within the linear elastic rang: of the material, determine the modulus of elasticity.

To determine

The modulus of elasticity of metal specimen.



The diameter of metal specimen is 12inch.

The gage length is 2inches.

The elongation is 4.66×103inches.

The load acting is 13.5kips.

Concept Used:

Write the equation for Hook’s law.

σ=EεE=σε ...... (I)

Here, the modulus of elasticity is E, tensile stress is σ, and the strain is ε.

Write the equation to calculate the tensile stress.

σ=PA ...... (II)

Here, load is P and the cross-sectional area is A.

Calculate the cross-sectional area.

A=π4×d2 ...... (III)

Here, the diameter of metal specimen is d.

Write the equation to calculate strain.

ε=eL ...... (IV)

Here, the elongation is e and the gage length is L.


Calculate the cross sectional area of the specimen.

Substitute 12inch for d in Equation (III).


Calculate the tensile stress

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