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Chapter 1, Problem 1P
To determine

To find:

a) Earth’s circumference in kilometers.

b) Earth’s surface area in square kilometers.

c) Earth’s volume in cubic kilometers.

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Answer to Problem 1P


a) Earth’s circumference is 4.00×104 km.

b) Earth’s surface area is 5.10×108km2.

c) Earth’s volume is 1.08×1012km3.

Explanation of Solution


Radius of the earth: 6.37×106m.


a) The circumference of sphere is 2πR.

So, the circumference of Earth  =2πR=2×π×6.37×106.

Circumference of the earth=4×107m.

But, 1 km = 1000 m.

Therefore, the circumference of the Earth is 4.00×104 km.

b) The Surface area of sphere = 4πR2.

So, the surface area of Earth = 4πR2

= 4×π×6.37×1062

= 5.10×1014m

But, 1 km2=106m2

Therefore, the surface area of the Earth is 5.10×108km2.

c) Volume of sphere =  4 πR33

So, the volume of Earth (V)= 4 πR33



But, 1 km3=109m3

Therefore, the volume of the Earth is 1.08×1012km3.


Using the formula for the circumference of the sphere, we can find the earth’s circumference in meters and convert it in kilometers. So, the answer in km is  4.00×104 km.

Using the formula for the surface area of the sphere, we can find the Earth’s surface area and convert this from square meters to square kilometers. So the surface area of the Earth is 5.10×108km2.

And finally, using the formula for the volume of the sphere, we can find the volume of the Earth in cube meters and convert it into cube kilometers. So the volume of the earth in cube kilometer is  1.08×1012km3.

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