Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
9th Edition
ISBN: 9781118912652
Author: Philip J. Pritchard, John W. Mitchell
Publisher: WILEY

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Chapter 1, Problem 2P

Give a word statement of each of the five basic conservation laws stated in Section 1.2, as they apply to a system.

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We consider a bar rotating, with friction due to viscosity, around a point where a torque is applied. The non-linear dynamic equation of the system is given by ml²ö = -mgl sin 0 – kl²ė + C where 8 - is the angle between the bar and the vertical axis; C- is the torque (C>0); k – is a viscous friction constant; l- is the length of the bar; m – is the mass of the bar; a) Choose appropriate state variables and write down the state equations; b) Find all equilibria of the system, assuming that < 1; c) Linearize the system around equilibrium points and determine the eigenvalues for each equlibria; mgl
3. A pump discharges 126 liters per second of brine ( The pump inlet, 304.8 mm diameter, is at the same level as the outlet, 203.2 mm in diameter. At the inlet, the vacuum is 152.4 mm Hg. The center of the pressure gauge connected to the pump discharge flange is 122 cm. The gauge reads 138 KPag. For a pump efficiency of 83%, what is the power output of the motor? 122 cm. PUMP
Find the pressure difference between points A and B. (1,3,5,7,9): Liquid is Chloride with density 1490 kg/m³ and H = 25 cm. Liquid Oil (sg = 0.90) %3D 12 A cm 16 H 12 cm cm cm cm Mercury (sg = 13.54)

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Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Ch. 1 - A sky diver with a mass of 70 kg jumps from an...Ch. 1 - The English perfected the longbow as a weapon...Ch. 1 - For each quantity listed, indicate dimensions...Ch. 1 - The density of a sample of sea water is 1.99...Ch. 1 - A pump is rated at 50 hp. What is the rating in kW...Ch. 1 - A fluid occupying 3.2m3 has a mass of 4 Mg....Ch. 1 - If a power plant is rated at 2000 MW output and...Ch. 1 - For each quantity listed, indicate dimensions...Ch. 1 - Derive the following conversion factors: (a)...Ch. 1 - Express the following in SI units: (a) 5 acreft...Ch. 1 - Express the following in SI units: (a) 100...Ch. 1 - Express the following in BG units: (a) 50 m2 (b)...Ch. 1 - While youre waiting for the ribs to cook, you muse...Ch. 1 - Derive the following conversion factors: (a)...Ch. 1 - The kilogram force is commonly used in Europe as a...Ch. 1 - From thermodynamics, we know that the coefficient...Ch. 1 - The maximum theoretical flow rate (slug/s) through...Ch. 1 - The mean free path of a molecule of gas is the...Ch. 1 - A container weighs 3.5 lbf when empty. When filled...Ch. 1 - A parameter that is often used in describing pump...Ch. 1 - Calculate the density of standard air in a...Ch. 1 - The mass of the standard American golf ball is...Ch. 1 - A can of pet food has the following internal...Ch. 1 - The mass flow rate in a water flow system...Ch. 1 - The mass flow rate of water in a tube is measured...Ch. 1 - The mass of the standard British golf ball is 45.9...Ch. 1 - From Appendix A, the viscosity (Ns/m2) of water at...Ch. 1 - An enthusiast magazine publishes data from its...Ch. 1 - The height of a building may be estimated by...Ch. 1 - An American golf ball is described in Problem 1.32...

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