College Physics

11th Edition
Raymond A. Serway + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305952300



College Physics

11th Edition
Raymond A. Serway + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305952300
Textbook Problem

A bar magnet is falling toward the center of a loop of wire, with the north pole oriented downward. Viewed from the same side of the loop as the magnet, as the north pole approaches the loop, what is the direction of the induced current? (a) clockwise (b) zero (c) counterclockwise (d) along the length of the magnet

To determine
The direction of induced current.


Lenz’s law states that the induced current flows in such a direction that the magnetic field associated to it tends to oppose the change that produces it.


The North pole produces a flux that will point downwards. The induced current opposes this by generating a flux that will point upwards. In other words, the magnetic field points upwards. Using the Right hand rule, the direction of the induced current is given by the thumb...

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