College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
Publisher: OpenStax College
ISBN: 9781938168000

College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
Publisher: OpenStax College
ISBN: 9781938168000


Chapter 27, Problem 4CQ
Textbook Problem

Under what conditions can light be modeled like a ray? Like a wave?

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Chapter 27 Solutions

College Physics
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Ch. 27 - Figure 27.55 shows the central part of the...Ch. 27 - What is the advantage of a diffraction grating...Ch. 27 - What are the advantages of a diffraction grating...Ch. 27 - Can the lines in a diffraction grating be too...Ch. 27 - If a beam of white light passes through a...Ch. 27 - Suppose pure-wavelength light falls on a...Ch. 27 - Suppose a feather appears green but has no green...Ch. 27 - It is possible that there is no minimum in the...Ch. 27 - As the width of the slit producing a single-slit...Ch. 27 - A beam of light always spreads out. Why can a beam...Ch. 27 - What effect does increasing the wedge angle have...Ch. 27 - How is the difference in paths taken by two...Ch. 27 - Is there a phase change in the light reflected...Ch. 27 - In placing a sample on a microscope slide, a glass...Ch. 27 - Answer the above question if the fluid between the...Ch. 27 - While contemplating the food value of a slice of...Ch. 27 - An inventor notices that a soap bubble is dark at...Ch. 27 - A non-reflective coating like the one described in...Ch. 27 - Why is it much more difficult to see interference...Ch. 27 - Under what circumstances is the phase of light...Ch. 27 - Can a sound wave in air be polarized? Explain.Ch. 27 - No light passes through two perfect polarizing...Ch. 27 - Explain what happens to the energy carried by...Ch. 27 - When particles scattering light are smaller than...Ch. 27 - Using the information given in the preceding...Ch. 27 - When light is reflected at Brewster's angle from a...Ch. 27 - Explain how microscopes can use wave optics to...Ch. 27 - A bright white light under water is collimated and...Ch. 27 - Show that when light passes from air to water, its...Ch. 27 - Find the range of visible wavelengths of light in...Ch. 27 - What is the index of refraction of a material for...Ch. 27 - Analysis of an interference effect in a clear...Ch. 27 - What is the ratio of thicknesses of crown glass...Ch. 27 - At what angle is the first-order maximum for...Ch. 27 - Calculate the angle for the third-order maximum of...Ch. 27 - What is the separation between two slits for which...Ch. 27 - Find the distance between two slits that produces...Ch. 27 - Calculate the wavelength of light that has its...Ch. 27 - What is the wavelength of light falling on double...Ch. 27 - At what angle is the fourth-order maximum for the...Ch. 27 - What is the highest-order maximum for 400-nm light...Ch. 27 - Find the largest wavelength of light falling on...Ch. 27 - What is the smallest separation between two slits...Ch. 27 - (a) What is the smallest separation between two...Ch. 27 - (a) If the first-order maximum for pure-wavelength...Ch. 27 - Figure 27.56 shows a double slit located a...Ch. 27 - Using the result of the problem above, calculate...Ch. 27 - Using the result of the problem two problems...Ch. 27 - A diffraction grating has 2000 lines per...Ch. 27 - Find the angle for the third-order maximum for...Ch. 27 - How many lines per centimeter are there on a...Ch. 27 - What is the distance between lines on a...Ch. 27 - Calculate the wavelength of light that has its...Ch. 27 - An electric current through hydrogen gas produces...Ch. 27 - (a) What do the four angles in the above problem...Ch. 27 - What is the maximum number of lines per centimeter...Ch. 27 - The yellow light from a sodium vapor lamp seems to...Ch. 27 - What is the spacing between structures in a...Ch. 27 - Structures on a bird feather act like a reflection...Ch. 27 - An opal such as that shown in Figure 27.17 acts...Ch. 27 - At what angle does a diffraction grating produces...Ch. 27 - Show that a diffraction grating cannot produce a...Ch. 27 - If a diffraction grating produces a first-order...Ch. 27 - (a) Find the maximum number of lines per...Ch. 27 - €37. (a) Show that a 30,000-line-per-centimeter...Ch. 27 - A He—Ne laser beam is reflected from the surface...Ch. 27 - The analysis shown in the figure below also...Ch. 27 - Unreasonable Results Red light of wavelength of...Ch. 27 - Unreasonable Results (a) What visible wavelength...Ch. 27 - Construct Your Own Problem Consider a spectrometer...Ch. 27 - (a) At what angle is the first minimum for 550-nm...Ch. 27 - (a) Calculate the angle at which a 2.00- m -wide...Ch. 27 - (a) How wide is a single slit that produces its...Ch. 27 - (a) What is the width of a single slit that...Ch. 27 - Find the wavelength of light that has its third...Ch. 27 - Calculate the wavelength of light that produces...Ch. 27 - (a) Sodium vapor light averaging 589 nm in...Ch. 27 - (a) Find the angle of the third diffraction...Ch. 27 - (a) Find the angle between the first minima for...Ch. 27 - (a) What is the minimum width of a single slit (in...Ch. 27 - (a) If a single slit produces a first minimum at...Ch. 27 - A double slit produces a diffraction pattern that...Ch. 27 - Integrated Concepts A water break at the entrance...Ch. 27 - Integrated Concepts An aircraft maintenance...Ch. 27 - The 300-m-diameter Arecibo radio telescope...Ch. 27 - Assuming the angular resolution found for the...Ch. 27 - Diffraction spreading for a flashlight is...Ch. 27 - (a) What is the minimum angular spread of a 633-nm...Ch. 27 - A telescope can be used to enlarge the diameter of...Ch. 27 - The limit to the eye's acuity is actually related...Ch. 27 - What is the minimum diameter mirror on a telescope...Ch. 27 - You are told not to shoot until you see the whites...Ch. 27 - (a) The planet Pluto and its Moon Charon are...Ch. 27 - The headlights of a car are 1.3 m apart. What is...Ch. 27 - When dots are placed on a page from a laser...Ch. 27 - Unreasonable Results An amateur astronomer wants...Ch. 27 - Construct Your Own Problem Consider diffraction...Ch. 27 - A soap bubble is 100 nm thick and illuminated by...Ch. 27 - An oil slick on water is 120 nm thick and...Ch. 27 - Calculate the minimum thickness of an oil slick on...Ch. 27 - Find the minimum thickness of a soap bubble that...Ch. 27 - A film of soapy water (n=1.33) on top of a plastic...Ch. 27 - What are the three smallest non-zero thicknesses...Ch. 27 - Suppose you have a lens system that is to be used...Ch. 27 - (a) As a soap bubble thins it becomes dark,...Ch. 27 - A film of oil on water will appear dark when it is...Ch. 27 - Figure 27.34 shows two glass slides illuminated by...Ch. 27 - Figure 27.34 shows two 7.50-cm-long glass slides...Ch. 27 - Repeat Exercise 27.70, but take the light to be...Ch. 27 - Repeat Exercise 27.71, but take the light to be...Ch. 27 - Unreasonable Results To save money on making...Ch. 27 - What angle is needed between the direction of...Ch. 27 - The angle between the axes of two polarizing...Ch. 27 - If you have completely polarized light of...Ch. 27 - What angle would the axis of a polarizing filter...Ch. 27 - At the end of Example 27.8, it was stated that the...Ch. 27 - Show that if you have three polarizing filters,...Ch. 27 - Prove that, if I is the intensity of light...Ch. 27 - At what angle will light reflected from diamond be...Ch. 27 - What is Brewster's angle for light traveling in...Ch. 27 - A scuba diver sees light reflected from the...Ch. 27 - At what angle is light inside crown glass...Ch. 27 - Light reflected at 55.6° from a window is...Ch. 27 - (a) Light reflected at 62.5° from a gemstone in a...Ch. 27 - If b is Brewster's angle for light reflected from...Ch. 27 - Integrated Concepts If a polarizing filter reduces...Ch. 27 - Integrated Concepts Suppose you put on two pairs...Ch. 27 - Integrated Concepts (a) On a day when the...

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