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Chapter 4, Problem 4.1P

Find the voltage gain v O / v S and current gain i O / i x in Figure P4-1 for r = 10 .

Chapter 4, Problem 4.1P, Find the voltage gain vO/vS and current gain iO/ix in Figure P4-1 for r=10k.

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To determine

Voltage gain vovs and current gain ioix .

Answer to Problem 4.1P

The values are


Explanation of Solution



  r=10 kΩ


Apply KVL to the first loop,

  vs(100+400)ix=0                        vs=500ix  (1)

Apply KVL to the second loop,

  rix+(2000+500)io=0                           rix=2500io                           ioix=r2500                                =100002500                                =4

But vo=2000io  (2)

Divide equation (2) by equation (1).


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