Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Binder Ready Version
Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes, Binder Ready Version
4th Edition
ISBN: 9781118431221
Author: Richard M. Felder, Ronald W. Rousseau, Lisa G. Bullard
Publisher: WILEY


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Chapter 9, Problem 9.31P

Ethylene oxide is produced by the catalytic oxidation of ethylene:

   C 2 H 4 ( g ) + 1 2 O 2 ( g ) C 2 H 4 O ( g )

An undesired competing reaction is the combustion of ethylene to CO2.

The feed to a reactor contains 2 mol C2H4/mol O2. The conversion and yield in the reactor are respectively 25% and 0.70 mol C 2 H 4 O produced/mol C2H4consumed. A multiple-unit process separates the reactor outlet stream components: C2H4and O2are recycled to the reactor, C2H4O is sold, and CO2and H2O are discarded. The reactor inlet and outlet streams are each at 450°C, and the fresh feed and all species leaving the separation process are at 25°C. The combined fresh feed- recycle stream is preheated to 450°C.

  1. Taking a basis of 2 mol of ethylene entering the reactor, draw and label a flowchart of the complete process (show the separation process as a single unit) and calculate the molar amounts and compositions of all process streams.

  • Calculate the heat requirement (kJ) for the entire process and that for the reactor alone.
  • Data for gaseous ethylene oxide

       Δ H ^ f ° = 51.00 k J / m o l C p [ J / m o l K ] = 4.69 + 0.2601 T 9.995 × 10 5 T 2 where T is in kelvins.

    1. Calculate the flow rate (kg/h) and composition of the fresh feed, the overall conversion of ethylene, and the overall process and reactor heat requirements (kW) for a production rate of 1500 kg C2H4O/ day. Briefly explain the reasons for separating and recycling the ethylene-oxygen stream.
    2. (d) One of the attributes of this process defined in the problem statement is extremely unrealistic. What is it?

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