Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing, Binder Ready Version: Materials, Processes, and Systems - 6th Edition - by Mikell P. Groover - ISBN 9781119128694

Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing, B...
6th Edition
Mikell P. Groover
Publisher: WILEY
ISBN: 9781119128694

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Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing: Materials, Processes, and Systems, 6th Edition, is designed for a first course or two-course sequence in Manufacturing at the junior level in Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering curricula. As in preceding editions, the author's objective is to provide a treatment of manufacturing that is modern and quantitative. The book's modern approach is based on balanced coverage of the basic engineering materials, the inclusion of recently developed manufacturing processes and comprehensive coverage of electronics manufacturing technologies. The quantitative focus of the text is displayed in its emphasis on manufacturing science and its greater use of mathematical models and quantitative end-of-chapter problems. This text is an unbound, three hole punched version.

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In cases where the material is in the liquid or plastic state in the beginning a part is created by...There are mainly two main categories of the casting processes. They are given below. 1. Expendable...There are three types of ceramics. Glass is one of three basic types of ceramics. The vitreous...Plastic shaping processes include properties of polymer melts, injection molding, compression etc....FRPs are otherwise called Fiber-reinforced plastic. It is a mixture of polymer and glass fibers....Powder metallurgy (PM) The process in which precision metal components are formed from metal power...The difference between traditional ceramics and new ceramics is discussed as below in tabular form....The difference between the bulk deformation and sheet metalworking is discussed as below in tabular...Bulk deformation process is transformation of solid materials from one shape to another. In bulk...The operations such as forming and cutting operated on thin sheets of metal which is having a...The tree basic categories of material removal process are conventional machining, abrasive process...Sl NoRotational partsPrismatic parts1These parts would have cylindrical or disk like shape.These are...Cutting tool material and tool geometry are the two important facets in cutting tool technology....The success of the operating and functioning of the machine mainly depends upon the properties of...Abrasive process is the process which is used to remove the material by hard using abrasive...The material removal processes are divided in to two types namely conventional machining processes...Heat treatment is a series of processes done to modify the physical, chemical and mechanical...A surface of the manufactured parts is normally covered with oils, films, and other contaminants....The advantage and disadvantage of welding compared to other types of assembly operations are listed...The principal groups of processes included in fusion welding are listed below: 1. Arc welding: In...Brazing &SolderingWelding1. The process of joining two or more metals by means of melting and...Mechanical assembly is a method used to join two or more different materials together to form a...A group of techniques, which are utilized to fabricate the engineering prototypes of parts using...Integrated circuit or IC is an electronic chip. Integrated circuit has bunch of resistors,...The functions of packaging can be divided into three categories Primary Secondary tertiary The...A microelectromechanical system (MEMS) highlights the miniaturized system consists of electrical,...Nanotechnology deals with objects not much bigger than atoms and molecules. Nanoscale refers to...Manufacturing system is known as the collection of integrated equipment and Human resources. These...Integrated manufacturing system is the manufacturing approach that includes manual production lines,...Manufacturing engineering is the study of manufacturing process or value addition process on a part...The product quality is defined as the degree of excellence of the product on which the thing...

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