Introduction To Health Physics - 5th Edition - by Johnson,  Thomas E. (thomas Edward), Cember,  Herman. - ISBN 9780071835275

Introduction To Health Physics
5th Edition
Johnson, Thomas E. (thomas Edward), Cember, Herman.
Publisher: Mcgraw-hill Education,
ISBN: 9780071835275

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Given Information: Volume of solution = 1ml Activity of 198Au =370 Bq Activity of 131I = 185 Bq...When Radium-226 decay, it emits a particles each a particle is a helium nucleus with 2 electrons and...Given: Conversion efficiency= 30% Power output= 50W Formula used: The average energy of 90Sr beta...Given: 1.5% U-4, 93.5% U-5, 5.0% U-8. Percentages are by weight. Avogadro's Constant =...Given: The half- life of lead is 22 yr and the original quantity of lead is 100 mCi . Concept used:...Given: Density, ρ=13.6 g/cm3 Atomic mass, m=200.6 g/mol Calculation: The mole density of Hg is,...Given: Atomic mass of Lead, m=207 g/mol Density of lead, ρ=11.36 g/cm3 Formula Used: The attenuation...Calculation: The graph is plotted for counting per min to the thickness of the absorber. The count...Chapter 5, Problem 5.21PGiven: Energy, E1=1MeV Energy, E2=10MeV Thickness, x=25cm Cross-section,...Given: FeCrNiAAbun(%)σC (b) AAbun(%)σC (b) AAbun(%)σC (b)...Chapter 6, Problem 6.1PGiven: The below data has been given to plot the graph. Formula used: μ=0.693t1/2 Calculation: The...Given: Activity of 99mTc -labeled sulfur colloid is 3 mci (111 MBq) The deposited percentage of the...Given: ERR is 0.1-0.4 per Gy. Formula used: Probability of Causation=ERR1+ERRRR=1+ERR Calculation:...Given info: The particle size is 1 μm The annual dose limit is 0.02 Sv Formula used:...Given: Mean activity, n¯=400 cpm Number of counts per minute, n = 400 cpm Formula used: Standard...Given: True mean counting rate is 50 cpm Mean counts in 1-min, n¯ = 50 Exact counts, n =50 counts...Chapter 9, Problem 9.14PGiven: (370−Bq) 210Po = 370 nucleus disintegrate second The rate of alpha from source, N=(25%)(370αs...Given: Source emits, S = 107 neutron s The fast neutron flux, ϕ = 10 neutronscm2. s Attenuation...Given: Dose equivalent rate at the surface = 2mSV (200mrems) Assumption: Y-90 is in equilibrium with...Given: Mean radioactivity concentration, C=3.3 MBq/m3 (in 2 hour ) Formula used The effective...Given: Mass of thyroid is mt=20 g Formula used: The initial dose rate is D˙0=q(Bq)×1tpsBq×EE(...Given info: Water boiler reactor core at a rate is 4 L/min Coiled stainless steel tube’s inside...Given: For criticality, η=ε=p=f=1k∞=1 Formula used: The mean number of fission neutrons per neutron...Given: Mass, m=500 mg Count per minute, c=500 cpm Formula used: The saturated activity is given by...Chapter 13, Problem 13.22PGiven: Average power level, P=20 W PRF=1000 pulses/s Pulse width τ=1μs Formula used: The duty cycle...Given: PRF=200 pulses/s Pulse width τ=5μs Formula used: The duty cycle is calculated using the...

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