PRINCIPLES OF LIFE - 3rd Edition - by HILLIS - ISBN 9781319017712
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3rd Edition
Publisher: MAC HIGHER
ISBN: 9781319017712


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The compounds that stimulate the transcription of a particular gene are called inducers and the...The difference between the Sanger sequencing and high throughput sequencing is described as follows:...The difference between the facts of evolution and the evolution theory is as follows:...The phylogenetic tree is defined as the diagrammatic representation of evolutionary relationship...Positive selection is the process where the extreme phenotypes are supported through evolution...The species concept used by paleontologists in which the fossil remains are grouped into species is...For most of the evolutionary history, life was limited to the oceans. About 3 billion years ago,...Genetic studies reveal that all life forms share a common ancestor. Similarly, eukaryotes have a...The protists are mostly so small and they can be seen only under a microscope. Most protists are...The cyanobacteria, which are a photosynthetic bacterium, became endosymbiotic in plants and thereby...The food materials are digested by the fungi in a distinctive way. They have the capacity to degrade...In the bilateral symmetry, the single plane runs in the mid line of the body and divides into equal...The advantage of the indeterminate growth in plants growing near grazing animals is that they keep...The source for carbon for plants is air. Carbon is available for the plants in the form of carbon...The transcription factors play a central role in regulating the gene expression by binding to the...Johnny Appleseed had distributed apple seeds in the United States in the year 1800s. He preferred...Stomatal trade-off occurs mainly for processes such as transpiration and photosynthesis. During...A common combination of food that offers all the eight essential amino acids. For example, eating...Hibernation is defined as a state of thermal conformity and low body temperature that persists in...The physical cause of diffusion is the random motion of molecules in a substance. In a solution, if...The area of the cell membrane with an action potential is referred to as a depolarized cell...Hormones can be defined as the chemical messengers or molecules that are released or secreted into...A sarcomere is a structure in a muscle fiber that consists of half dark and half of light bands....In sexually reproducing animals, males and females are differentiated on the basis of primary...The union of male and female gametes is a complex process. Several male gametes are attracted to a...The three types of lymphocytes are as follows: B lymphocytes: B-cell lymphocytes are the cells that...Animal behavior is controlled by their nervous system. A biologist has recently concluded that...The ecological systems present at a higher level in the hierarchy of biological organization tend to...Population size is the total number of individuals in a population. For example, a particular...In the same ecosystem, there are five ways by which species interact with each other. Species...The assembly of communities occurs due to two different processes. These processes are the...Aspects of ecosystem functions are the complex processes through which various components share and...

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