Universe: Stars And Galaxies - 6th Edition - by Roger Freedman, Robert Geller, William J. Kaufmann - ISBN 9781319115098

Universe: Stars And Galaxies
6th Edition
Roger Freedman, Robert Geller, William J. Kaufmann
Publisher: W. H. Freeman
ISBN: 9781319115098

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Given: Wavelength is 2.6 μm. Concept used: The Electromagnetic spectrum is as follows: Gamma Rays...Given: The first energy level is 0 eV. The second energy level is 1 eV. The third energy level is 3...Introduction: Telescopes works on the principle of reflection and refraction of light rays....Given data: Focal length of the objective lens, fobj=2 m Focal length of the eyepiece lens, feye=9...Introduction: Solar system has eight planets -Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus...Given: The orbital period of the satellite Phobosis 0.31891 day. The average altitude of Phobosis...Given: The diameter of the asteroid is 2 km. The average density of the asteroid is 2500 kg/m3....The transneptunian objects or TNOs, first found about in February, 1930 Pluto was also discovered...The transneptunian objects or TNOs, first found about in February, 1930 Pluto was also discovered...Three properties of the solar system that are thought to be a result of how solar system formed are...Given: The radius of the orbit of the Sun is r=742000 km. The orbital period of the Sun is t=11.86...Given: The distance of the star from the Earth is d=170 ly. Formula Used: The small angle formula is...Introduction: The Sun is the largest and the only star in our solar system. It is composed of gases...Given: The luminosity of the Sun is L⊙=3.90×1026 W. The mass of the carbon atom is m=2×10−26 kg....Given: Time period in which hydrogen is consumed is 4.56 billion years. Concept used: Total amount...Consider an object at point A. Observe it from points B and C some distance apart. The position of...Given: Parallax=0.2arcsec Formula used: P=1d Calculation: d=10.2 arcsecd= 5 pc Conclusion: The...Introduction: The process through which thicker regions within molecular clouds in interstellar...Calculation: The radius of circumstellar accretion disc is one-sixth of the measuring ruler which...Given data: Luminosity of the protosun = 1000 L⊙ Surface temperature of the protosun = 1000 K...Introduction All main-sequence stars convert Hydrogen into Helium by thermonuclear reactions. Sun’s...Given: The half- life of 8Be is 2.6×10−16 seconds. 8Be decays in to two α particles. Formula used:...Given: G (Gravitational Constant)=6.673×10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2 Mass of the Sun (MSun) = 2×1030 kg Radius...Given: Temperature of atmosphere of present day Sun is T=5800 K Mass of hydrogen atom is M=...Given: The luminosity of the Sun if it becomes a red giant is, L=2000L⊙. Formula Used: The...Introduction: An H-R diagram describes the evolutionary stage of a star. Horizontal branch...Given: The diameter of the 1−M⊙ white dwarf=Earth's diameter= 12,756 km Mass of the white...Given data: Mass of the newly formed white dwarf= 1−M⊙Surface temperature of the newly formed white...Given: The diameter of the core is, d=20 km. The density of the core is, ρ=4×1017 kg/m3. Formula...Introduction: When the core of a supernova of Type II consists of extremely closely packed neutrons...Given: Mass of the Earth is 5.97×1024 kg. Radius of the Earth is 6,378 km Formula Used:...Given: Mass of the dead star in solar mass = 8−M⊙ Density at the center of a neutron star = 3×1018...Given: The density of the substance used to make the black hole = 1000 kg⋅m−3. Formula used:...Introduction: The image given belowshows the results of a more recent 21-cm survey of the entire...Given: The wavelength of the photon is, λHα=656.3 nm. The value of the plank’s constant is,...Given: The calculated distance to the galactic center was off by 10 %. The calculated orbital...Given: Mass of the black hole = 4.1×106M⊙ Formula used: The Schwarzschild radius can be calculated...Given: The orbital period of S0-2 is, p=14.5. The orbital period of S0-19 is, p=37.3. The mass of...Given data: Diameter of the disk = 50 kpc Thickness of the disk = 600 pc Formula used: Volume of a...Introduction: Spiral nebulas have a very different shape when compared with other nebulas. Our Milky...Given data Distance modulus of the supernova 19941 in M51 = 29.2 Distance modulus of the planetary...Given: The redshift (z) of the galaxy is 5.34. Formula Used: z=vc Where, z=red shift of the...Given: The mass of the Coma Cluster is, M=1013 M⊙ Formula used: The number of atoms in the Coma...Introduction: Quasi-stellar radio sources are the source of radio waves which are emitted by the...Given: The mass of the black hole is, M=3.7×106 M⊙. The total luminosity of the Milky Way is,...Given: The distance between the point A and B is, d1=26​ ly. The distance travelled by the blob in...Given: The red shift of the given blazar is, z=1.00. Formula used: The expression for the ratio of...Introduction: The static universe means that the universe is stationary. Here, stationary means that...Given: The value of the Hubble’s constant 1 is H1=50 km/s/Mpc. The value of the Hubble’s costant 2...Given: The temperature of the photosphere of the Sun is, T=5800 K. The average density of matter is...Given: The Hubble constant is, H1=50 km/s⋅Mpc. Formula used: The critical density of matter in the...Given: The redshift is, z=3.02. The separation between the two clusters at present is d0=500 Mpc....Given: The deceleration parameter q0 is used to check whether the expansion of the universe is...Introduction: Horizon problem originates due to the observation of constant temperature of (CMBR)...Given: The mass of the intermediate Boson is m=85.6(mass of proton). Formula used: The expression of...Given: The temperature of the early universe is, T=3000 K. The density of the universe is, ρm=10−18...The statement “life as we know it” means that organism must be composed of mainly organic (carbon-...Given: The radius of Earth orbit is, r=149⋅6×106 km. Formula Used: The expression of speed of earth...

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