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  • Reflective Essay Reading

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    Looking back now, I think reading was the most important part in my formative years. Growing up was an extremely boring process, so having a book nearby felt essential. My parents didn’t read to me much, but they always encouraged me to read for myself and to find what I liked. The times they did read to me they read usual fantasy children books, like Where the Wild Things Are or Cat in the Hat. As I got older, I started to read whatever I could get my hands on. Non-fiction always seemed to hold

  • Reflective Essay On Reading

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    been full of changes. This year, administration has changed the way that reading would look for second grade. Now, my students switch to four other teachers for the whole reading block whereas last year I had my class for the entire reading block. The group of students who I teach during reading range from DRA 20-28. These students are either on or above grade level in reading. For that reason, I am only responsible for the reading instruction of transitional and advanced readers. One student who has

  • Reflective Essay On Active Reading

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    Basically when I heard the term active reading i was a bit baffled. I questioned myself vigorously about this new term. Then I perceived it to be reading in a very conscious manner at the lierature before an individual. Or was it ? the lesson highlighted that active reading clearly meant staying focused on material one is reading before, during and after the reading on it or which I quickly coined "strategical reading." Now strategical reading commands me to make sense of the material which

  • Reflective Essay On Reading

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    class was assigned a book project. Everyone had a book and a worksheet that went along with the book, which helped us understand the meanings and ideas in the book. This year we were reading The Great Gatsby. The teacher would normally read the

  • Reflective Essay About Reading

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    I love to read, but it didn't start out that way. When I was in first grade and we are just starting to learn how to read books, I remember being mad because I wasn't in the advanced reading group. The advanced reading group got a different book than everyone in the normal reading level and got to work in a different section of the room. This made me so mad that I decided I didn't want to try which, when I look back on it now was not the smartest thing I could've done. I knew how to read but it never

  • Reflective Essay On Reading And Writing

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    abilities and needs are when it comes to her reading and writing. I learned so much about Ellie’s personality and her reading and writing strengths and weakness, along with her understanding of certain topics. What I really liked about this assignment was that I learned so much about Ellie and the different ways she ticks when it comes to reading and writing. The biggest thing I learned from Ellie was that she doesn’t like to read or write. When it comes to reading, she will read if I motivate her or read

  • Reflective Essay On Reading And Writing

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    could write in my journal. My teacher started to notice that issue and that’s where my tutor came into play. Reading and writing has never been my strong suit due to Vietnamese being my first language. When I was in elementary school attending Orr elementary in kindergarten and 1st grade I recall getting called out of class around 10:00 AM staying out of class for about one hour because my reading, english speaking ability and writing skills were not up to pair with the other kids. During that one hour

  • Reflective Essay On Reading And Writing

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    It was my second grade year and I was only 7 years old when I first found my hatred for anything that had to do with reading or writing. Every week my teacher would give us a lengthy list of vocabulary words that we had to memorize before our spelling test the following week. I would study for periods at a time trying to memorize these gruesome lists of words that I could never remember. When it came down to the day of the test I would see all my classmates at ease while I would panic trying to remember

  • Reflective Essay About Reading

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    particular moment, I find myself in an unsure realization with my attitude to reading and writing, even more to reading. I use to love reading, as a matter of fact, I would save my money just to buy new books to read. It would be right to say that I enjoyed reading in earlier years, and now I find myself reading things with no effort to try to understand the true concept of the text. I can still say that deep down I still enjoy reading but I rarely find myself getting truly invested in it’s unless it related

  • Dttls Unit 2.1 Continuing Personal and Professional Development

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    each of those parts and think why did it go that way? Abstract conceptualization is when we come to a decision about what we would do differently next time. The way we would come to a decision is through further studying or staff development and reading the right literature. Active experimentation is the conclusion of our abstract conceptualization stage and provides the platform that we can plan our changes. Once we have administered these changes we can then start the cycle again and have