Case Study 1: Apple Computer

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1) What were some of Apple’s biggest successes and failures? Describe why. Apple’s biggest success stories are not difficult to find. When Apple creates a product that succeeds, they do it in a big way. Take, for example, the iPhone. Not only does the iPhone have a die-hard following of loyal aficionados that continue to buy upgrades to their iPhones on a regular basis, but the iPhone changed the way the entire world looked at cell phones. Beating the first Android phone to the market by a more than a year (Parrish, May 3, 2012), the iPhone took us from phones that looked and functioned strictly like phones, to multi-touch devices that combined phones, cameras, games and MP3s into one device. Another big success for Apple…show more content…
As Merchant noted in the same Businessweek article, “culture informs success” and he quotes Stephen Sadove, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive of Saks as saying says "Culture drives innovation and whatever else you are trying to accomplish within a company—innovation, execution, whatever it's going to be. And that then drives results," later on the page. (Merchant, 2010, paragraph 5). 3) How do the actions of Apple apply to the TCOs? I think Apple is an excellent company to study in relation to our TCOs. They’re not just at the forefront of technological innovation, they ARE the forefront. A close look at their company can easily lend a clear view of innovation for their industry—they have multiple technologies that have changed the dynamics of many industries. They’ve altered consumer interaction with cell technology, media offerings and personal computing levels. They provide a clear picture of how to best protect their innovation (through secrecy) and through their company’s pioneering offerings, I think they clearly demonstrate their core technological competencies are an ability to anticipate desires consumers don’t even know they have and bring them into reality. Apple’s continual ability to innovate on their own products, create new solutions to problems we never knew we had and persistent ability to reinvent

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