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Computer Proposal Dolinda Baker ITS 310 – Introduction to Computer Based Systems Colorado State University – Global Campus Manish Patel February 10, 2013 I am proposing to use the Vostro 270 Mini Tower for the standard business class machine for this small business. I believe that this system will accomplish all the needs of the business at a low cost. I chose this system because of the different specifications mixed with the fact that it also includes a monitor. The specifications are listed below. * Processor – Intel Core I3-3220 The Core i3-3220 may be an entry-level CPU, but it isn’t cheap, especially when compared with some of the competition from AMD. It isn’t a CPU for overclockers and tinkerers, but it’s great for…show more content…
This technology enables WD Caviar drives to achieve industry leading shock specifications. With SATA and PATA interfaces, this series of drives offer a full range of performance features. Moreover, the recording head never touches the disk media ensuring significantly less wear to the recording head and media as well as better drive protection in transit” (Dell, n.d.). * Video Card – Intel HD Graphics * Security Software – Trend Micro 3.5, 15 Month “You don’t have to worry about the latest viruses or threats and inappropriate websites, server maintenance, security updates or data theft—that’s all automatically managed for you by Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services” (Trend Micro, n.d.). * Warranty – 1 Year Basic Hardware Service with 1 Year NBD Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis * Optical Drive – DVD+/-RW Tray Load Drive, 16X, SATA This system will provide the business with all its computing needs at a cost efficient price of only $549.00. It includes a monitor and additional software. We can upgrade or add additional accessories as needed, and because most components are standard practice, we will be able to troubleshoot and replace hardware and software easily. References Dell: Desktop Deals. (n.d.). Retrieved from Samsung. (n.d.). 4GB DDR3
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