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Develop Team and Individuals Assessment #1 Developing a Training Needs Analysis Plan for a Workplace Team Team Purpose and Goals: To improve customer services skills making the everyday running of Dominos Pizza more financially successful, in order for us to do we must first look at what is valued in terms of customer service. • Form - the product looks attractive to both prospective and repeat customers. • Time - the product is available when the customer wants it. • Possession - the product is easy to purchase and customers have ease of mind knowing that if they are unhappy staff will be happy to resolve the issue (Woods,W.A, Zemke, A, 1999) In looking at these values the following goals have been established: •…show more content…
Good customer service is the foundation of a cohesive, well run business; good customer service is tailored around the needs and wants of the consumer. Providing a level of service like this means paying attention to the customers needs and wants and delivering the product and service in a manner that makes ordering procedure as simple as it can be, doing this acts as a catalyst for profit in that it entices customers to return meaning they will know your product and save money in marketing and advertising (Hurlbert W., 2007) and spread the brand awareness and attract new customers through friends. Performance Standards: Performance standards are levels of staff service, capabilities, behaviors and attitudes measured in terms of quality, quantity and timeliness (Share A-76) The performance standards listed below relate to the standards expected by Dominos for Dominos staff relating to all customer service and order taking. • Telephone Customers - In under two rings. - Uses the dominos standard phone answering protocol and identification. - Maintains clear communication with the customer throughout the conversation - Uses a customer friendly approach • Face to Face Customers - Greet customer in a friendly and welcoming voice - Maintains a professional and efficient manner at all times during the customer service process - • Demonstrates the ability to balance customer needs along with the realistic goals
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